Hong Kong Based Web Design

Experience the difference that true visionary design can make with Black Media. We specialize in designing striking websites that realize a client’s brand vision. Black Media’s projects are revolutionary in terms of both aesthetic appeal and multiplatform functionality. We combine sophisticated graphic design capabilities with cutting edge web development to create something truly unique. Our Hong Kong based agency offers a range of specialized services aside from standard website design including blog designs, mobile applications, social media promotions and e-commerce websites. 
In addition to our online capabilities, we offer a range of print media design services including leaflet, brochure and catalogue design. Our capabilities also encompass complete branding solutions and corporate identity development.  

The Website Development Company Reimagining Design in HK

We offer custom design solutions on a client by client basis. Unlike many other companies in Hong Kong, we recognize that there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution when it comes to websites. When we work with a client, we build their website from scratch, ensuring that their unique vision, brand values and core messages are at the forefront of the development process. 

We like to push the boundaries of what’s possible when it comes to website design. As a company, we believe that in this fast progressing digital age there is no room for resting on your laurels or passively following pre-established industry trends. We strive to make our clients stand out regardless of their industry with websites that engage and innovate. 

Approaching each client on an individual basis, we begin the design process by brainstorming and creating mockups in collaboration with the client. Because we believe that good communication is the key to success in business, we strive to ensure there is a strong line of communication between client and designers throughout. This strategy has resulted in a number of highly successful HK websites which you can view in our portfolio.  

Our Company’s Range of Premium Design Services

In essence, our Hong Kong company is about pushing the boundaries of commercial design across a number of modern media platforms. We believe that intelligent, innovative design sells, and this is something we have successfully proved with our work across a number of mediums. Although the focus of our company lies in website design, graphic design and web development. We also offer a range of other associated services including online promotion, website hosting and graphic design for print media. Choose to distinguish yourself from the HK crowd with maverick design that pushes the boundaries between functionality and art from Black Media. 

To find out more about the diverse range of services our company offers, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by phone at +852 3488 0550 or through our online contact form.